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Thread: PAL Pikmin 2 on NTSC Soft-Modded Wii

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    PAL Pikmin 2 on NTSC Soft-Modded Wii


    I have preloader installed and cIOScorps and can play wii games burned on CDs through my disc channel. I also installed system menu 3.2u with ARC (any region changer) and thus I installed the region free wii games hack.

    But as I have read in many places, this region free hack does not play pikmin 2 PAL on my ntsc wii, and there is no ntsc version out yet.

    Is there any way to get pikmin 2 for wii to work on my ntsc wii?

    If not, is there any working Game Cube version? (so far if i burn the game cube game, it crashed at the first cut scene, and only the first half of the game will probably be playable)


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    There's no way to get it to work on NTSC short of finding a PAL compatible TV.

    As for the gamecube question, no clue bro.

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    All I need is a way to bypass the credits of the game cube version, or make my wii region free (well it is supposed to already be region free with the softmii hack program Any region changer, but that program doesn't support pikmin 2)
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    Good luck

    I can play pikman 2 on my ntsc wii but it only plays in black and white and only thru the backup loader channel. The same with Prince of Persia. I have used several methods of burning and preparing.. regionfrii and brickblocker, backupcreator, a combination.. Nothing seems to get rid of the frequency issue. If I force ntsc and reboot with hooks, my wii locks up at the menu. If anyone else can find the answer let us know... BTW im on system menu 4.0U softmodded and can play ntsc games just fine.

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    No.. no it's as I said. There is no answer. Pikmin 2, like a small handful of other games, can not be displayed in true NTSC.

    I dont mean to be the fun police, but c'est la vie.

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    Ive heard that using the component cable as opposed the the composite cable will work on hdtv tv's. Going to buy one tomorow and try it. OK so i used a component cable and picman works just fine.. No more black and white issues with PAL games.
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    PAL Pikmin 2 works fine on NTSC using latest (r573) USB Loader GX

    I tested it using hermes cIOS222 and cIOS38 rev12 on 249

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    What settings did you use?
    I can't seem to get it to work on any combination of settings....

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    I didnt have to change a thing.. Just used the component video cable, and it runs just fine. Did not force ntsc or have to use vid tv patch.

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    Hi everyone !!!
    I bought an unlocked wii (USA, NTSC) with wiikey. I just updated the console through wifi and now I'm on 4.1u
    I got pikmin2 by torrent and applied wiiUR-1.0 to get rid of the update from the iso.
    This is all the knowledge I have about wii hacks

    When I click START, to start the game I just got a black screen.
    What I need to do to play it?
    @kr4k3n, do you have any hints for me?
    @dex, how did you do? You mentioned lots of names, but I don't know any. :P

    Thanks you, guys !!!
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