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Thread: Please help..everything should be done

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    Please help..everything should be done

    Hello all

    I've downgraded to 3.2 u with a LU38 wii
    I've installed wad manager
    I've got a backuploader channel (backuplauncher 0.1)
    I've got ios249 and updated (only ios249) via network to rev 13b

    I can't get my backups to launch...i have a layered error message that says no dvd dvd identity error.

    i may have screwed up a step or something but i have no idea where. it's simply not recognizing the burned discs, and i know it isn't my media as i've played the games on another softmod not ten feet away.

    please help. please?

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    backuplauncher 0.1 is your problem - it's way out of date, have a look at this thread

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    thanks. I'll try it, but I seriously just softmodded another wii a week ago.

    it went waaaayy less than flawlessly, but loader worked great. I'll try it laterand report back.

    is there a certain order to installing the ios's that i may have messed up?


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