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Thread: CIOS installer and backup launcher

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    Question CIOS installer and backup launcher

    I already have the homebrew channel installed as well as the DVDX...and the bootmii although only as an IOS. I havea 4.0u wii and it's not an LU64.

    As I've been reading the only thing I really need is the CIOS to read my burned discs and the backup launcher to launch them. But the CIOS gives me an error of -1017 at the end...ohh Im also using network at the top...How can I fix it? there a new CIOS I can use? or should I do the whole wad thing??


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    try this guide for getting a cios on your wii

  3. #3 I followed everything on the guide and everything went smoothly...I got my burned disc to show up but when I want to run it, it shows an error to eject it and reset it...what happened?? what can i do to fix it?

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    Are you launching it through neogamma?

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    nevermind...i guess i just have to run it on backup loader all the time...thanx soooooooooo much...

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