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Thread: A simple DVD player question?

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    A simple DVD player question?

    Firstly, great site. I've come a long way using this site since we got our Wii. I'm usually very good at this sort of thing, I search and try and search some more, but this one has really got me.

    I would like to play a DVD on my wii. I've tried mceplayer, geexbox and some others. I have installed the latest HBC with the dvdx stub, but it seems nothing will work and the disc menu still says it's an unreadable disk.

    I've tried loading them through several bits of software, but this one has really got me stuck.


    softmodded V4.0E (waninkoko's v4 patched upgrade)
    latest HBC

    Thanks for any tips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demo777 View Post
    it's an unreadable disk.
    SAME THING happens to me and my wii is 4.0E


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