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Thread: brick or total brick

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    brick or total brick

    hi there ppl thanks for takin the time to read this thread i can see a lot of ppl are having issues well where do i start
    i have wii 3.2e with tw hack and have had no problems at all then i went on holiday for a week and my brother says he loaded a game indiana jones i think and accepted an update and now when i turn on the wii i get a blue screen and the drive only loads but dont spin i have tried to use a modded drive but still no luck as there is no picture output i dont have starfall or preloader installed plz plz can anyone help me out here

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    well im at a loss have tried everything savemii all sorts of discs but it seems as preloader is not installed or even if it is as i have a blue screen only i guess its totally goosed so i have bought a new wii and modded it i will keep sitting on this one just incase anyone can help thanks for reading

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    after game indiana jones, no Nintendo Health&safety screen and no Ninty startup music ?

    3.2e got chip-modded ? --may be loosen wires inside dvd-rom. open the case and fix it.
    blue screen --may be mother board damanged, at worst.

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    yeh m8 tried everything got modded drive and am almost possotive mb is fine as it only happened after the update and also the original drive only accepts and ejects discs after this happened and the modded one spins them up think its totalled thats why i got me a new one and i just installed a mod


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