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Thread: Indiana Jones, My Sims Racing, Nutrition Matters, Ghostbusters: The Problem

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    Indiana Jones, My Sims Racing, Nutrition Matters, Ghostbusters: The Problem

    Many are having the exact same problem with these games and a few more. A lot of misguided information running around adding even more confusion to the scene (which is already a mess.)

    Here is my Setup:

    Softmodded Wii 3.1u
    Neogamma channel and HBC (latest)
    Running cIOS 249 rev8
    No USB launcher

    I can play anything, from Mario Galaxy, to Arc Rise Fantasia. Ougon no Kizuma, Okami, even the Monster Hunter Tri Japanese demo runs just fine.

    But Indiana and My SIms Racing give me the Green Screen.

    I belive my solution is to upgrade my cIOS to rev13a. so i'll try that...

    Please use this thread to describe YOUR solution (and don't forget YOUR SETUP). How did you made this games work?

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    Well to get working Indiana (PAL) and Ghostbusters (NTSC)...

    Soft and Hard (WiiKey2) 4.0E
    cIOS 38 Rev 13 (original)
    USB Loader GX with #002 fix switched to ON.

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    Softmodded Wii 4.0E (upgraded from 3.2 using Waninkoko patched 4.0 version)
    HBC (original version, not latest version)
    USB loader GX with 002 error fix set as ON
    cIOS rev 13 (not the B version)

    I can get Indiana to work, but not My Sims Racing (but I'm working on it)

    EDIT: I got MSR working using NGR3 Channel.
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    Got all working.

    Current Setup

    HBC Current
    IOS 36
    NGR3 Channel

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    I fot mine to work with neogammar3 loader, cios38 rev 13, and i think what did it all for my sims racing was i patched it using ios30 and no more green or black screen i also have usb loader gx but i ran it thru dvd and worked all my sims racing and indian jones my wii is usa 4.0 and indiana jones is a pal worked fine on my usa wii

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    also my ghostbuster worked with the stuff mention got all 3 to work that way.only ij was pal rest were ntsc usa


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