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Thread: New Wii Purchase (9/26/07) Update to 3.0U?

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    New Wii Purchase (9/26/07) Update to 3.0U?

    I just purchased a new Nintendo Wii, I looked up the serial on Wii Tracker at Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker and good news is this comes up:

    Your Drive Chip is most likely GC2-DMS.
    Your Drive Pins are most likely not cut.

    Woo! I thought I was sure I was getting the D2C version. I just ordered my CyclopWiz v2 with the tri-wing too.

    Now my question is...

    Should i update my Wii firmware, which is at 2.2U right now to 3.0U?

    How accurate is Wii Tracker? Has anyone been disappointed when they opened their Wii to find out its a new D2C version?


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    welcome ot the site, i have no idea but hi anyway, i know the wiiKey works finw with the update!
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    If you have the wiikey you could safely go 3.0/// nobody really uses cyclowiz (least not on this forum that I now of) so I can't help you with that. I would recommend getting a wiikey... it is upgradable and you will get more support with it.
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    Could someone explain to me the different between cut and uncut drive chip. What if I have a wii that "most likely cut"?. Does that mean I wont be able to mod this. I see on on the "wii mod chip chart" that Wiikey should work on all versions.How many different version does wii have ?. "version" do they refer to cut and uncut drive chip. Confuse!!!. Thanks wii_cu

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    hey wii cu, basicly nintendo found out chips were using a leg of the dvd drive chip, so they cut the thing off to make it very hard to connect to, i know a place here where they melt the top of the chip to expose the leg inside the chip itself, very risky to try, then they connect to the leg once exposed!

    best way is to open it up and take a look, you should notice it straight away i guess, i will take a pic if i come accross one.

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    So that cut pins has to be connected for the mod to work ? How many pin are there. Thanks wii_cu


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