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Thread: Not accepting discs - pls help

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    Unhappy Not accepting discs - pls help

    Hi everyone,

    I came home from work one day and my wii was no longer accepting discs other than that it still worked perfectly, even the homebrew chanel was able to load roms and everything flawlessly, then i noticed it was extermely hot so i unpluged it, read about the issue and turned off connect24.

    after it cooled it was now loading discs however after i ejected the disc it would not accepet another disc unless i unplugged it to led it cool everytime, again everything else works fine.

    now it will not load a disc at all. i figured it was an issue with the drive since i've had other issues with the drive for a little while, so i bought a new drive with the the wiikey2 already installed however i have the exact same issue, i know there is power going to the drive since the led's on the wiikey light up and if i put a disc near the drive slot while the wii is off it will turn on but the the drive will not make that drive noice when it frist turns on and when the wii is loaded it will not make any effort to accept the disc, again everything else other than accepting a disc works perfectly fine.

    does anyone have an ideas of what could be causing this issue? could the drive belt be bad from when it got really hot or a wire in that harnes that provides power to the drive or is something else wrong?

    any help would be greatly apreciated

    thank you

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    Maybe the Fan is stuck or broken? Could explain why it shows the fault only after some usage.

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    Thank you for you reply

    The fan looks like it's working, it doesn't seems to blow much ait and doesn't really make much noise, but the blades are moving. However I was reading that the reason it originally got so hot was cause the connect24 works even if the wii is turned off so it creates a lot of heat and since the wii is off the fan woild not start since the wii is off. So I agree the probably did start cause the heat and the fan not being able to start. But it seems to be running fine now, and I doubt it's an issue with the drive since it a brand new drive that has never accepted a disc and the wii acys the exact same way whether I used the old drive or the new one.

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