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Thread: Restore Wii?

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    Restore Wii?

    Is there a way to restore a modded Wii to its original state? Like all the homebrew taken off and just what needs to be there?

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    you could try pressing the Format Wii button in the system menu tools.... i am not sure what affects it would have from installing those cios's and stuff.... it would be worth a shot i guese.

    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

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    I'll give it a try

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    Quote Originally Posted by pockeyfox View Post
    I'll give it a try
    Keep us posted on how it goes...

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    Did it work??

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    I can't believe this, but yes. It reformatted to the firmware that i downgraded to perfectly. Then i used shop channel to update and did the bannerbomb thing to get everything back. Everything works great now, and almost all backups work for me know except for Ghost Busters so far.....

    In short, it should fix the problem, just reinstall HBC and whatever cios you want.

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    it worked ???

    Im sure it reformatted and everything, but, you say it reformatted to the version that you had downgraded to, ... What were you at? And was this before the release of the 4.0? Just wondering cuz i did it to one that was on 3.2u and it formated to 4.0....

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    Well i was originally at 3.2, and my friend decided to update from the shop channel or what ever. Sending me to 4.0 and rendering my homebrew channel unusable. After managing to downgrade to 3.2 my problem was still there.

    Only after reformatting, the wii went back the the 3.2 that i was using and everything began to work after i reinstalled Homebrew and all that.

    I did update to 4.0 and then reinstalled everything. 4.0 HAS NOT kept me from running anything that I previously ran and HBC, all my backups and some of the apps that i used are all working the way they did. I also installed cios rev 13a and then 13b.

    Hope any of this helps.

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    how is this possible as i thought it should go back to 3.1 or 3.3 and we downgrade to 3.2
    or am i wrong

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    I hope this works for me too

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