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Thread: Mario Karts PAL

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    Mario Karts PAL

    I downloaded Mario Karts PAL, I am using an NTSC USA WII, and I have region free on gecko......

    it loaded fine, but then the screen started shaking (probably because they use different resolutions).

    How can I play this game on my wii without having the screen shake?
    Links appreciated .

    (Or IF i need to just download the NTSC version.... that is fine too, but I rather not.)


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    Why didnt you just download the NTSC version anyway?

    I'm not sure about GeckoOs but on backup gamma you can change some launce options, for instance when I want to run American Idol which is NTSC(my Wii is PAL) I have to enable the VidTV patch in the options. There are also force NTSC and Force Pal options too.

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    because the pal one had more seeds. xD
    alright i'll just download the NTSC one


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