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Thread: HELP! exception (dsi) after installing IOS ,38 55 and 58

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    HELP! exception (dsi) after installing IOS ,38 55 and 58

    Running 3.2u, USBLoader 1.5 is installed, but mainly using Coverfloader rc6.

    All has been well for weeks, and then Ghostbusters came out. I installed cIOS 53 and the game played, but now Madworld would not. Installed cIOS58 and then House of the Dead would not Play. Installed 38 and after that install the USB drive would not recognize the drive. It would get to "Initializing WBFS file system" and then the back screen with the exception (DSI) error.

    I grabbed the IOS's from;

    I discovered that 55 was short about 88bytes from my other version, so I reloaded my other one and got to the hard drive once. After that nothing.

    Switched ports, allowed the drive to spin up before loading the app, verified that all of my games show up through wbfs manager on my PC, and still no hard drive detected through all three methods.

    I then installed cios36 rev13 through IOS Loader and still nada on the drive. I dump to the error everytime if I use the Coverfloader channel forwarder, the the Coverloader boot.dol from the SD card or USB Loader 1.5 channel.

    Only thing I can think of doiing is formatting the SD card and readding the apps, but I do not think that is the issue.

    Please anybody have any other ideas?

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    I have exactly the same problem, except i was playing guitar hero, and exited out to the wii menu, then when I went to reload coverloader, I get the DSI exception stack dump....

    Now when i go into SD usb loader via HBC I get "no wbfs formatted file system"

    and every time i try and run coverloader i get the stack dump.

    also if i try to check on WBFS manager on the PC, the games don't appear on the drive, its like it just magically wiped itself.

    PS this is the second time this has happened, though no tinkering on my part, for months it works fine and then suddenly deletes everthing. Its a very frustrating process to load all of the games back on one at a time.

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    @dexter:I have noticed that sometimes the downloads have been corrupted. Try to re-download cIOS 38rev14, 53, and 55 again. If you think the SD card is at fault, try a high quality SD such as SanDisk no larger than 2GB and not HC.

    @treeml: did you originally use a front loader to format your HDD? If so, this problem of not seeing HDD on PC will recur. Format the HDD as FAT32, then use WBFS manager 3.0 to format the HDD or a partition on the drive for your games.

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    just a follow up, I tried turning my HDD and wii off and on again a few times, and eventually it all came back. This leads me to think it must have been the connection and not the software at all.

    Or maybe my HDD is about to die....

    Either way im happy for now.

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    Im getting a code dump after using coverfloader wad. Uninstalled it and still get to "initializing disc" and then code dump. It was working fine when I started coverfloader from HBC. Im using a 2gb SD card, 4.1U.


    Just had to mention that uLoader works using cios222, but for some odd reason coverfloader wont. Could it be something to do with the coverfloader wad?
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