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Thread: no chip + run burned dvd?

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    no chip + run burned dvd?

    sry i didnt take time to search forum. im in a hurry, got work in 5 mins

    I just wounder. since i used 2 days already struggling, getting homebrew to work. and i had to buy a SD card wich was expensive.

    so spendt alot of money.

    i finally got the Snes emu to work, and a mplayer that can run dvds. AWESOME!. but there still things i want to get workin aswell.

    i dont got a chipped wii, but wounder if i can use those mplayers to run burned wii games?

    i know this some way gonna work on a Usb device (wich i already gave up).
    because i got alot of trouble getting things to work, as Usb loader etc. getting this error about Ios not found. and when i try to install an Ios i get another error that it cant install somehow. i tried many different homebrew addons to install a ios but nothing fixes my problem. i got version 4.0 and i see many ppl get it work easily on 4.0 so theres gotta be a way.

    tried some tutorials, but all tutorials was about installing Wad files / Ios files, wich i CANT, because of the error. so nothing works for me (not even the 4.0-3.2 tut BECAUSE i cant do anything releated to Ios/wad)

    if i can get some help here that would be appreciate, ciao. in a hurry ^^

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    first of, did you install any IOS or cIOS files while doing the things you did?

    if not do a google search for phpgeeks hbc guide for virgin wii 4.0.
    im not a pro at this at all, more like a newbie but i got hbc working on my wii with backup launcher gamma and neogamma following that guide.

    You can always wait for a better and more knowledgable person to respond.

    Good luck

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    while u're in a hurry, u're subjected to error codes and, even worst, bricking ur Wii.

    take ur time to the threads in this Forum, search, read, think, ask, try, proceed, go,.....

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    What you need is to search, you would have found the following page without too much difficulty and it would have saved you time.

    Wad Installation Issues

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    aight thnx. but i had more than 1 question tho.

    can i burn iso on a dvd and play it with any software than runs through Homebrew on a non chipped wii?

    i got a few mins to explain a bit better now, going back to work soon.

    first i just gonna sum up something for billyboy.
    I have been trying to fix my issues in 2 days. and i was searcing forums, google, youtube, and the solutions that prob would help me, required that i did something with the wads, wich i couldnt because i dunno why lol xD

    So i bought a wii, 3 days ago. brand new.
    I dont know what version it was then but first thing i did was to update it.
    Now its 4.0E.

    was searching the web for free Snes games, and found that i needed an emulator n stuff, that it wasnt free if i was goin to buy it from nintendo.

    so i found this ''Banner thingy'' wich prob was the only working thing for 4.0, to get homebrew working.

    Bought a sd card for 38$ and installed the thing. Went just fine.

    then i was going to install Usblauncher to use my maxtor 500gig external drive.

    but couldnt launch the program because the wii told me it couldnt Load Custom IOS.

    so i searched forums and after some hours i found that a Wad installer was needed, (and i got some files to) i was going to install them (or let internet do) But the installation of those files couldnt be completed (error)

    If i need to explain anything more, im pleased to do so. apreciate all help and i really think the issue is easy to fix, maybe a minor problem at all. but as i said, my wii is 3 days old, Congrats to me

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    tried again now with wad manager 1.3 to get wads installed,, i got like 7 files and the 2 most common errors that pops when trying to install are; Title error and Ticket Error.

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    38$ for a SD card, you either bought a huge capacity one or you got ripped off big time.

    It is not possibley to load custom IOS on a virgin 4.0 Wii, this is due to Nintendo wisely closing the vunerability some time ago.

    Fortunately for all of us workarounds were discovered that allow us to modify the Wii so that we can do pretty much whatever we want. This has great benefit but also allows people to very easily destroy their Wii's software bricking it.

    Regarding the backup loader, there are channels that you can install allowing this. There's even a sub-forum dedicated to them here on WiiHacks

    Regarding the USB loader see here but stop short of downgrading if you prefer.

    Make sure you understand what you are doing before you proceed with anything that modifies your Wii in this way, make sure you have a get out of jail free card such as bootmii or preloader.

    The errors you get should have number references too, they are the most valuable things to help in your search for answers.

    Hope that helps.
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    best feedback ever, thnx alot. if my wii was a virgin i cant tell, because i was able to update the software from XX to 40.

    i will check the error codes in a sec and post em.

    I live in norway and did a NoK-dollar check and found that i paid exactly 46.81 Dollars for my 2gb Sd card. but dont forget, norway r prob the most expensive country in the world. and that card was somehting special stuff, dunno what, something about insane transfer rate, i just dont care.

    related to ur reply i got a few questions.

    due my errors, do you say that i have destroyed my 3 days old wii? =/

    can you explain Backup loader to me?

    Bootmii are included in the ''banner thingy'' package right? because i found it, installed it, but then uninstalled it because i read somewhere that the bootmii do not have to be installed in order to get wads to work, (ya im just following the tutorials, but might have been an old one tho)

    I also found this preloader thingy, but again get PLENTY of errors, i cant even install it.

    Homebrew find all the stuff in it, but when i click on somehting related to it and try to run it, i always gets an error SOMEWHERE during any kind of process that are related to install something at all.

    only thing that work perfectly are Homebrew and its installed tools.

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    I can answer a few of your questions for you.

    Regarding "if my wii was a virgin i cant tell, because i was able to update the software from XX to 40. "
    You can tell if your Wii is a virgin or not quite easly. If you messed around with it and got some sort of IOS or cIOS installed then its not longer a virgin.

    Backup Launcher is a program you add to your Homebrew channel and is an application that can be used to play illegal DVD copies of wii games. There's a few different versions like Backup Launcher Gamma v0.3 and NeoGamma R3. The latter one has more options and is actually based, and in my opinion an improved version of Backup Launcher Gamma.
    If you need to know more about the options i'd say do a google search for them and you are sure to find some good answers.

    The other thing, you're so called "banner thingy" is bannerbomb im assuming and it would be wise to install bootmii from that again, incase your Wii gets bricked.

    All your error related issues can not be solved with the description you give here. People will need to know where you get the errors and what the error code is. Without that the people that are trying to help you will only be able to guess.
    So I'd say work through a tutorial and when you get an error, write down what it says and at which step of said tutorial.

    I hope this helps. (was in a hurry in my other reply as well, got some more time to explain a few things clearer now).


    Oh I forgot, if your Wii will no longer boot up to its menu you messed up your 3 day old wii. If you can no longer get into your wii settings menu i think its called a semi-brick and is still possible to recover. And if everything (all official software) is working the way it should then you're still good
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    reporting ur Wii firmware version (e.g. 3.xE,.. 4.0E) and the related error codes (eg. ret=-2011, ret=-1...) are the most practical way in getting solution/helps. pls do so.
    oh boy, for $46.81, u should be able to get a 32GB SDHC for Wii_4.0 usage, out of Norway.
    well, ur wii still in good condition, as long as u don't rush to injectc more ???s (ie. at ur status) into it. Important for u : never try to delete any IOS from ur Wii, unless u're 100% sure it's safe. otherwise, u get a brick --that u really hurt ur virgin.
    Make progress simple, this may be ur roadmap in sequences:
    -- ensure ur WiFi connection
    -- install homebrew channel
    -- install BootMii
    -- run cios_installer
    -- install BackUp Launcher Gamma
    -- *retain GeckoOS, WADMgr as alternative, AnyTitleDeleter
    -- install USB_Loader

    [* is to keep those in SD/SDHC card, not to occupy Wii channels]
    [ AnyTitleDeleter is not ur toy today. Leave it alone, till u're 21. lol.]
    [ apply ImgBurn to burn ur ISOs onto dvd-r at 2X speed; or go Usb-Loader]
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