Hello, my first real post here^^

In August 2008 I got an Argon with wiiclip, soldering was done before so I had only to install the clip. The installation was about 30 minutes but it was my very first modchip in my life so I was pretty much proud of me because, I had no problems through the installation. After I turned the wii on and put a burned copy of zelda in wiis drive I was pretty much happy that everything worked well.

After few months, in december, I had problems playing games. The copies started but I came mostly to the game menu and then I got wii error. After that I tried to reset the chip, I just took the clip up and then placed it back inside of wii, but it didnt worked. After few calls I knew that the clip was dead. Now I have wiikey2 for like 3 hours and pretty exciting to play wii again.

PS: Those game errors came from nothing, I mean the wii was always on the same place, it never fell down or something like that.

Hope it was helpfull for somebody.