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Thread: green screen and updating cIOS

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    green screen and updating cIOS

    I am sorry I am a newbie. I managed to softmod my wii with the twighlight hack and use gator gamma to load (or back up launcher for the 002 error games) i can load every single backup but i cant seem to get around this green screen issue on some of the new games. I have read a ton of threads and the only one that makes sense is upgrading the cIOS to 38 rev13 and loading the neo gamma r3. I obtained these files but the rev 13 is a dol file and i have no idea how to load it in my wad manager or cIOS installer and i cant load the neogamma r3 either. Both are on sd can someone help me with a real idiot proof guide
    Sorry about the long post

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    green screen issue on SOME new games coz ur Wii wasn't updated with the lastest IOSs.

    search the solution in this Forum.

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    I don't know about idiot proof but did you put the cIOS installer in the apps folder on your SD card.

    Something like this apps\cios38rev13\boot.dol

    The cIOS will install wirelessly.

    I know nothing about neogamma but you may need to move that around in your SD card for it to be visible to HBC. HBC will by default look into the apps folder only for files to load, they must all be named boot.dol and located in their own folders.

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    i got this apps\cios38rev13\boot.dol to load from my HBD channel but when it wants to install the return ret-1 error...i install the WAD in the root of my sd card...what should i do?

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    First make sure the file inside the cios installer is named 'boot' ie- Apps/cios installer/boot.dol.
    Go into the HBC and you,ll see the cios installer app.
    Install as a network install,so make sure wii connect is ON, or you have some sort of internet access enabled on your wii.
    Next get the Neogamma.wad,and put into your Wad folder and install with wadmanager app (again file inside named 'boot') ie Apps/wadmanager/boot.dol, go into HBC start WM find the NeoG.wad and install that,then you,ll have the NeoG channel,all done.

    Wads in the wad folder ie-wad/neogamma.wad
    Apps in the Apps folder ie-apps/wadmanager/boot.dol
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