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Thread: can't read original ssbb w/ wiikey 2

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    can't read original ssbb w/ wiikey 2

    it's weird, my wii used to be able to read brawl without modchip, but after I installed modchip, brawl is the game I am having trouble reading. It can read the brawl game most of the time, but sometimes the wii will go into black screen saying something like

    "encountered problem reading disc, please eject disc and turn off wii, refer to manual, blah blah"


    it can read all the single layer original/burned games I have right now, but the drive becomes more noisy, that's the only complaint I have beside brawl game problem.

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    Weird.. and that Brawl game is it Original?
    If it is.. then get a backup going and see how that works for you...
    Reminder though.. make sure u burn it with the layer break: 2084960

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    as described in the topic title that my brawl disc is original. I don't have a DL burner right now so I can't burn the game.
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    Hello again, I know I probably shouldn't revive dead threads but 1 year later I still hasn't solved my problems.
    I finally burned the game onto a DVD+R DL to try, now my wii is updated to 4.1U, wiikey2 1.3 firmware update.
    my wiikey2 is mounted using plexo's method,

    so now my original brawl disc still only reads 50% of the time with risk of seriously scratching the disk, and it doesn't give me no error code whatsoever.
    and my backup brawl doesn't even get recognized.


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