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Thread: Unable to read disc - tried everything!

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    Unable to read disc - tried everything!

    hey all,

    im still pretty new at this but i think i have tried everything i have seen so far. i have a wiikey installed on my system and i have just updated the firmware to 1.9. I dl'ed pro evolution soccer 09 and used winrar to decompress the files and get to the iso. the file size is the exact size it should be (4.37 GB) and i have used both nero 7 ultra edition and imgburn to burn the image to both -r and +r discs at the lowest speeds (different speeds but all under 5x) with different brands. the system play my other backup games, but will not play any of the discs i burn from iso's. any ideas???????

    thanks y'all

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    Could be a bad iso, even with it being the correct size there are occasionally bad dumps.

    You might like to open the iso using Wiiscrubber (a PC application) to see if it can be loaded, if it is loaded correctly you should see partition information on the disc.

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    thanks for the quick response and sorry i couldnt respond right away. it appears all my electronics like to break at the same time. it turns out my issue was the format of the game. i had read that the wiikey i had could play both PAL and US, but apparently there is a setting that must be configured. However to access that setting you had to have a gamecube controller to navigate the menu. since this was not an option for me i found a US version of the game, and the burn went through without a hitch. thanks again!!


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