Hi all,

I'm fairly new to the Wii modding scene....

I have a Wii softmodded with the latest CIOS (i think it is CIOS38 rev13....!?!?) and have installed the usb loader 1.5 with the intention of backing my wii games up to a USB hard drive.

I've managed to format the hard drive (via the usb loader app) but when it comes to the 'Opening DVD disc...' stage, i get 'ERROR! (ret =-2)'.....

Does anyone have any ideas how to get round this?? Any help at all would be appreciated!

Thanks in anticipation!

By the way, not sure if it makes a difference but i'm in the UK, using a UK model Wii with firmware 4.0e. (But i've never had any problems installing HBC, or any other software on it!)