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Thread: I just fully bricked a wii 4. Help !!!!!!!!!!!

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    I just fully bricked a wii 4. Help !!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a Wii for one week , upgraded to 4 , Got home brew installed using Hb for virgin 4 wii , was working excelent . Decided I was going to clean up the main menu , Used anytitle deleter mod to remove weather , news , shop and photos .then i instlled the batch wads that were include with Hb for virgin 4 wii .Now my wii wont start . it goes strait into a garbled version of the system error page saying " check manual for troubleshooting "

    I have read some of the posts about un bricking a wii but im not sure the rite way to go , ive got both the wii offical boot disk and the universal one aswell .

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Do you have a pre-loader installed? Can you hold down the reset button when booting and come up with a screen?

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    Yes i have the pre loader - I managed to boot into homebrew - how to i get the wii system menu working again ?

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    Download System Menu 4.0 as a wad file. Run it from a hbc wad manager.


    This should unblock your wii.
    I can't remember but I think it removes Preloader at the same time so you will have to reinstall it.

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    That worked a dream Id like to thank you guys for helping me out . One last question what would be your ideal list of channels and wads to have installed on a wii ? and what versions ? Im prety new to this ive had a wii for just a week and have been reading all i can to try to find out whats best , but you guys have more knowledge that me !

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    hbc Channel
    Usb loader gx, as all my backups are on hard drive

    In hbc:-

    wad manager
    hbc browser

    Get the latest versions via google or hbc browser
    These progs cover most things.

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    HBC (incl wad manager), cfg USB Loader 1.5.
    If you want to use backed up disks I think Neogamma is your best bet.


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