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Thread: Restore Original Firmware

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    Restore Original Firmware

    Guys i was wondering if there is any way to restore the wii to the firmware configuration that you would get when you buy the wii? I need to know this coz im currently on 3.3 and cant downgrade and i want to start over...
    3.0->3.2(WUM)->4.0->3.3->3.3 (downgraded IOSes), wiikey 1.9s [US Wii]

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    I know it may not seem like it, but the bigger question is why do you think you need to "start over."

    Also, there's no 1 firmware they all come installed with. There's no way for any of us to know what was on it when you purchased it.

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    Tell u what happened.
    I upgraded to fw 4.0 today morning.
    Well, these upgrades dont really destroy the modchips so i thought i wouldnt have any issues.
    After updating, i didnt have to install the HBC as it was still there(v1.03)
    Well i tried to play Super Paper Mario and the wii kept saying that the system files were corrupted.(I'm assuming because i had installed starfall when i was on fw 3.2)
    I then tried to downgrade using this guide:

    Anyway, i couldnt downgrade to 3.2 due to some error in ios 30
    so i tried downgrading to 3.3 and it worked.
    Now im stuck in 3.3, cios downgrader doesnt work, neither does any region changer.
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    3.0->3.2(WUM)->4.0->3.3->3.3 (downgraded IOSes), wiikey 1.9s [US Wii]

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