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Thread: Black Screen on Startup

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    Black Screen on Startup

    Ok, I was moving around my Wii NTSC, and I think the bluetooth card might have come loose. Now when I turn it on there is a black screen and nothing else. My Wii is softmodded with Homebrew Channel and a USB Loader. Its been modded for about a month. I still have 6 months left on my warranty.

    Im not sure which of the following things to do:

    1. Send it into Nintendo Repair
    If I do this, I'm worried they will void my warranty and charge me. Or will they not really notice?

    2. Open the Wii and try to fix it myself
    I dont have a tri wing driver, but ill buy one if i have to. If choice 1 is not an option, is it possible to open the Wii without Nintendo noticing? If it is then when i fix my wii ill remove all homebrew so Nintendo wont notice.

    3. Somehow push the bluetooth back in without opening the Wii or opening with only a Phillips/flathead.
    Is it possible to do this? It would be the best choice for me. Is there any way to just kinda bump it back into place or only open a few screws enough to get to the bluetooth?

    Btw, if its not a bluetooth problem. it might be a NAND problem. i did have bootmii installed, but never made a backup.
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    1. If you send it to Nintendo for repair they will charge you because you've installed Homebrew, it's expensive apparently. They'll notice.

    2. You have to remove little white covers from the screw holes and that act invalidates your warranty. So if you do it and the bluetooth card is not at fault then you'll still have to pay.

    3. I doubt if a bump would reseat anything, the forces involved are just too random and you could end up damaging something else. It's so much easier to bump something off than it is to bump it back on again.

    Seeing as you've probably got no legs to stand on regarding your warranty you might as well open the case.


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