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Thread: 3.3u banner brick, drivekey? UUD? Pink Fish?

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    Unhappy 3.3u banner brick, drivekey? UUD? Pink Fish?

    Drama #1 - I have a 3.3u banner brick. I bought a drivekey and the savemii dongle. but I can't get the UUD or pink fish disk's to autoboot. I now know that the drivekey's autoboot function is off by default. From what I've read, 3.3 won't run the fish

    Drama #2 - I've also read that the only way to unbrick a 3.3u is if you already have the twilight hack installed and then make an autoboot copy so you can remove the offending .wad. Is this the only way to repair a 3.3 banner brick?

    Thanks so much,

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    autoboot copy of what?

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