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Thread: Wii app loading help

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    Wii app loading help

    Hey guys, I did use search and I cant seem to get this right.

    I installed HBC and wad manager 1.0 and now I need to know how to get apps on there such as backup loader and usb loader?

    Do i need to download and install like I did HBC or can I download directly too the wii using HBC and internet connection? n e guide would help, I have a 4.0 lu64


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    There is a homebrew browser which can download stuff. Never used it myself.

    If you want Homebrew apps, you copy them to your sdcard put them in a folder under \apps\ and make sure it's named 'boot.dol' (most are Whatever_It_is.dol when you download them)

    If you want something installed as channel. Download the wad and place it in the 'wad' folder. Then use Wad manager to install it.

    Also you're on a 4.0 LU64. You should really be following a guide, or I look forward to your future bricking thread.


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