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Thread: Instructions to un-hack Wii?

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    Instructions to un-hack Wii?

    I have already googled/searched for an answer and I have not found a solid solution...

    Ok so I hacked my US wii so it could play tatsunoko vs capcom. Downgraded to 3.2 and all that good stuff. Everything works fine. My problem is that it seems that I cannot play new games now. I just rented Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and it will not start from the disc channel or geckoOS. I am getting the blue-screened "#002 error" when I try to boot the game.

    I am not homebrew-savvy so I am having a hard time figuring out how to get recently released games to run while keeping the region-free capabilities. Im pretty sure there are solutions to this problem but to be honest, I cant understand the instructions on how to fix them.

    I am tempted to try and completely undo all of the hacks and return the wii to its original state. Is this possible? I would like to, if necessary, delete everything (homebrew channel and all of the things I installed through it), upgrade my firmware to the most recent version (which I think is 4.0)... basically "unhack" the wii.

    Having said all of this, is it possible to either:

    A) return wii to its normal, unhacked state


    B) somehow update my wii without bricking it so that it can play new games and still play imported games

    Any links to instructions (preferably something that is easy to follow) or some instructions of your own on either choice would be appreciated. Once again, I am not very homebrew-literate. Step-by-step instructions would be great for either fixing or unhacking. Everything I find on the internet on how to do what I need to do is too complicated for me to understand.

    One thing to keep in mind is that playing the new games is more important to me right now. I haven't played TvC for awhile so I'm not going to be missing much if I cant play it anymore.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You have homebrew channel installed?

    Do you have WAD Manager on your SDcard? If so, you'll see it under the homebrew channel as an option.

    (I'm assuming at this point, since you rented a game only released in the US, that you're a NA wii owner, thus using NTSC)

    Download these four files, and place them in a 'wad' folder in the root of your sdcard.




    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Now, boot your wii. Go to home brew channel. Load the WAD Manager. It'll have you hit A to continue. Then you'll see those four files. Go down the list clicking the '+' next to each one to have it install.

    That should cover you for everything you need for newer games AND wiiware. The last one is going to install a new Backup Launcher. It will auto fix those pesky 002 errors, AND it will automatically force NTSC for you. So if you have any PAL games they will auto boot in NTSC mode.

    *If you don't have WAD Manager, here's a link

    Simply make a folder on your SDcard, under the apps folder. Name it whatever you want. Place the 'WAD-Manager_v1.4.dol' in there and rename it to 'boot.dol'. You will then see the option to run it under your homebrew channel.

    *edit: If you're confused at all. Just ask. Also, i 100% positively assure you w/o a doubt doing those steps is going to be a million times easier and safer than un-mod'ing your Wii.
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    I had started the modding of my wii and have since found out that the 3.4u version cannot be modded to play backup games. Is this true? If so I would like to further inquire about the post above as to how I can get the wii back to the original state.

    I had installed the homebrew channel and one wad file to start the process.

    any help is appreciated


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    That is absolutely wrong. Any version can play back up games.

    The clearest guides are, imo, youtube videos. Here's one that'll cover 3.4. The software is some what outdated. Meaning there are some newer "tweaks" but it'll get you up and running no problem with 3.1-3.4


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    Thanks Ossot, for the very detailed reply. If I have time I will try all of this tonight and get back to you with the results.


    Sorry I didnt answer any of your questions...

    Yes I have homebrew w/WAD manager. Im curious though...Im not playing any backup games. Do I still need to install the backup launcher? Im sure it wouldnt hurt to have it, but all of my games are the originals. And I hope these dont require an internet connection because the wi-fi in my house is not working...and I dont have a wii lan adapter.

    Anyways, your instructions are very straight-forward and clear enough for me to understand. Cant wait to try it out. I dont want to take TW10 back to blockbuster just yet haha.
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    Don't "Unhack" it just yet. All you hve to do is install a few IOS's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericp_42 View Post
    Im curious though...Im not playing any backup games. Do I still need to install the backup launcher?
    I assumed your TvC was a backup. Regardless, it'll allow you to play any imports fine. Plus, it's going to correct your TW10 issue. It'll also stop games from running updates, updates which could inhibit whatever you've got going booting your imports right now.

    Also, nothing I linked you will require internet access.

    -- Also i'm not quite sure what setup you've got going booting your TvC import. But i'm making the assumption you have another, highly vital part to the equation. If backup launcher for some reason doesn't work then I'm quite wrong, and you do not have it. However, it's also something that will be very easy to install should the need arise. Just let me know.

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    Ossot....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TW10 works! I was so happy that I came back to the computer to thank you before I even played the game. You're a life saver man...(dont worry I clicked the "thank you" button also haha)

    Hopefully anyone else who is having trouble will come here and get the advice I did.

    Thanks again! Im off to create myself and play a few rounds of golf.

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    Hi, I'm trying to do the same thing.

    When I go to install the WAD's i'm getting error (ret= -2011) for each of them.

    Also, What IOS am I supposed to choose when I start up WAD manager?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Is there another place to download this file? (Wii-ish_Force_NTSC.rar)
    The rapidshare link isn't letting free user's download it.

    Any help is appreciated.

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