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Thread: Strange Error

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    Strange Error

    I've spent hours looking up the possible solutions for this error but I've yet to see one exactly like it. It seems to be a combination of multiple errors and I need help figuring this thing out.

    My homebrew channel works fine, as well as my backup loader (play-tested with a few burned discs that I got from someone else)

    I have a 3.4U with IOS 249 and Iso Dumper 1.2 by waninkoko. The program itself boots up fine, I select where I want to dump the ISO (I select my Wi-FI connection), select Single Layer Disc, etc. It gives me my IP address and I use firefox to download the ISO file. All is fine. The speeds are blazing at 530+ kbps.

    However, halfway through (at around 2.Xgig mark) it says::
    Disc send error (ret = -10056) and the download stops. I'm left with a broken 2.2 gig file. Although this is somewhat of a common error, I've never seen anyone download the actual ISO halfway through and then it stop. Is this a possibility due the lack of space on my hard-drive? (It shouldn't be as there is plenty of space left on it)... or is this a possibly caused due to a browser issue? I downloaded Opera Browser and now trying to see if it works through there. Or maybe it's an issue with my firmware and the lack of 3.2...(regardless, shouldn't be the problem...or is it?) Please help if you can, thanks in advance,

    PS: Just tried again with Opera Browser and the download stops exactly at 2.0 gigs
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    Is your hard drive formatted NTFS or FAT?

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    Ok just found out, I have NTFS...but I do believe that it's giving me an error based on this exact issue. Something is going wrong in there and I have no clue how to fix it. I've read many people also have issues and have this exact same 2gig file size restriction despite their respective NTFS formats.

    I've seen other ISO dumping programs where they split the disc into several different file sizes of your choosing, do you think that might fix it? If so, what make and version is this? (As of right now my current one doesn't offer the option)
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    Don't know if that will fix it or not. Beyond my feeble mind.... Always worth a shot.

    If you have access to a portable drive, try formatting thet to NTFS and dumping directly to that.


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