define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true); //$config['Misc']['debug'] = true; My HBC has stopped working HELP PLEASE!
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Thread: My HBC has stopped working HELP PLEASE!

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    My HBC has stopped working HELP PLEASE!

    I recently used wanikoko's guide to upgrade my pal wii to 4.0. It all went well, I got sdhc support and it will still run gammaloader for backups.
    All was good.
    BUT! My homebrew channel wont load now. I click on the channel and start and all i get is a black screen and no response to any buttons and have to pull out the power cord to reset it.

    I want to install usb loader so I can use a hdd but I cant, so any help would be cool PLAESE!
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    You could try reinstalling HBC with Bootmii. That's all I got :O


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