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Thread: Question about Bootmii

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    Question about Bootmii


    i had verson 3.4 (Soft mod and HBC install etc) and updated to 4.0 and have it working with USB, HBC etc. but don't have bootmii installed and just want to know if i should install it or if i can install it?

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    bootmii will give you the possibility to backup your Wii system NAND and store it on SD or on your PC for safe keeping.

    There are two types of bootmii install, boot2 and IOS.

    Boot2 is the most desireable as it injects code into the boot section of the Wii and will allow you to recover your Wii if you mess it up.

    IOS must be loaded after the system menu so won't be of much use if you brick your Wii.

    The age of your Wii will determine whether you can use the boot2 method. Pre 2008 manufactured Wiis will be fine.

    Should you install it? That's up to you. If you think you might be messing around with your Wii, loading out of region discs etc etc then probably worth the risk, if not then why bother.


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