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Thread: Rock Band plus Usb Loader

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    Rock Band plus Usb Loader

    Hello guys

    i just bought a rock band instruments pack, and it came without the game.
    just came the drums, guitar and mic.

    i it was bought at europe, i have a USA WII, when i open for my surprise it has a USB HUB ( Need for the instruments ).

    When i start Rock Band using my usb Loader ( Iomega 500gb ), the game start normally, the light on the usb hub it's on, but in the game it only recognize the mic, the drums and guitar not work.


    i'm running wii 4.0 U

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    mmmm usually for dvd backups, we need cios/ios 37 to make the instruments work, as the later cios36 doesn't have it and the backup loaders use 36 when loading games.

    For me, I use softchip loader and make it use 37 to have the instruments work properly. Are you able to change bootup options with usb loader? (I don't use it )

    Either that or maybe burn it to dvd and play it the above way. I just don't know how pal instruments on a NTSC wii will go.

    My pal wii and pal instruments work ok with RB2 ntsc.

    Guess its a bit of trial and error.

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