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Thread: Help! Play games bought in another region

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    Help! Play games bought in another region


    I must just bow and say sorry if I post in the wrong section of this forum - been looking around, and thought it may fit in here.

    I live in Europe, and been on a trip to China. - Over there I bought some (copied) WII games, and it was a disappointment to see it didn't work when I got back home. If it's region lock or whatever - what I need help with - is to run/play this games. (my WII version is 4.0 btw)

    I have been searching around on the net, and have read a little about "Homebrew". As you might guess, I am a absolute newcommer with WII hacking, I have read some of the guides on this forum, but the problem is - I have no idea what I need, and which guides to follow.

    As mentioned above; what I wan't, is to be able to play these copies I bought. Any help is much appreciated!


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    You're going to want basically any guide designed for 4.0. Being able to boot backups will at the same time will allow you to boot games from other regions. So dont go looking for a guide on how to boot region free, look for a guide on how to "softmod." Just make sure the guide was designed for 4.0.

    There are quite a few guides out there. Go with ones that seem to be popular. By that I mean ones with a lot of views and replies. So you know a lot of people have tried it. Don't just go googling and trying the first thing you find. Also, follow the instructions. Don't pretend you know better than the guy who wrote the guide. If something doesn't work or you run into a problem, don't try to fix it yourself. Post, and read, and see if you can't find someone who knows how to fix the problem you're having. Noobs trying things on their own often end up having their first thread be "i think i bricked my wii"

    I would recommend the 'Ultimate' guide on gbatemp. It is a little light on the hand holding in spots, but the thread is 63 pages long. It's pretty much a given any problem you run into, someone else has had, and someone else has figured out.

    ULTIMATE System Menu 4.0 Guide -

    edit: Also, there's an article lifehackr recommended which a lot of people have had great success with. It's better on the details and hand holding. It's designed to get you booting games from a USB hard drive. But once you get to that point. Meaning if you follow their guide, you've done everything you'd need to do to boot your imports. You'd simply use a different "Launcher" than they recommend.

    You would simply stop after Step #4, and instead of copying the USB Loader they recommend in Step #5, you would copy over 'neogamma' which can be found here ( Which btw, would be installed in the same way as their Step #5, you'd just be dealing with different file names.
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