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Thread: Need some help! Broke my homebrew channel!

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    Need some help! Broke my homebrew channel!

    Ok so I really do not know anything about softmoding and I have read up on it everywhere and def still confused so now I am just gonna ask. I recently bought a wii via craigslist and the seller already had the wii softmodded and basically just showed me how to load games and thats about it. I have 3.4u and I went into homebrew one night and it said that there was a new version and if I wanted to upgrade or I did. I do not really remember what I did on the install but now when I click homebrew channel the tv goes black and I have to pull the power cable as it does nothing. Anyone have any ideas how to get it back? The guy never showed me really what homebrew was all about but from what I have seen it looks pretty cool! Also another question is if I upgrade my firmware to the newest for wii what do I have to do to make sure my softmod still works? Thanks for whoever helps my nubness

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    As a general rule of thumb, you dont ever want to upgrade your firmware. Not if you're softmod'd. It's possible, and people do it, but from the fact you dont even know what HBC is, you really don't need to jump into the deep end with changing firmware.

    As for your HBC, I would recommend just trying to re-install it. Either using TWP (Zelda) hack, or using Bannerbomb. Nearly any guide you see for softmod'ing is going to begin by telling you how to use one of those two methods to install the homebrew channel (HBC). Just follow the first few steps and as soon as you see your homebrew channel is working again simply stop with the guide.

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    ah i see...didnt know it would do that. So I can never upgrade to the newest wii firmware? And once I get my homebrew working again never upgrade that either?

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    Upgrading can break stuff. It can also stop you from installing new stuff. There are work arounds mind you, but it's much much easier to just stay on the firmware you're on.

    As long as your wii will turn on and you can get into the system menu, you're almost always able to recover. But depending on the jump in firmware and what you've got going, it can be quite troublesome.

    My best advice to you is, if your backups are launching and everything is fine, leave things as is. Don't go upgrading firmware. Don't go playing frankenstein with random applications. Experimenting is what gets people in trouble. Keep the status quo.

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    ah ok so to try and get my homebrew channel back I am gonna try this just do what this site says bannerbomb ? And hopefully it should get my channel back? Now what is the chance that if I do this that my whole wii will die? Right now it can still play backup games no problem just no homebrew I would rather not have homebrew and be able to play my wii then lose everything Thanks again for helping me

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    It's not going to blow anything up. If it doesnt work it'll simply error out on you and you'll just re-start your wii. The "engine" that drives your backup loading isn't be modified in any way by bannerbomber or it's directions.

    All bannerbomber is trying to do is get your Wii to load/install HBC. If it fails, HBC doesnt install. If it works, HBC is reinstalled. That's the long and short of it.

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    ok thanks..I will give this a whirl then


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