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Thread: Wasabi DX with Wasabi v16 Clip

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    Wasabi DX with Wasabi v16 Clip

    Ok I ordered these already but I need help to confirm something
    so you have to install dx first then what do you do to make it zero?

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    Make sure you get the 2.0 firmware installed first (as a DX). After that just plug in the V16 and snap it in. It will auto-recognize as a Zero. Use the 1.4 cd for the Zero to configure it.

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    i have a D2e, its #LEH2481 on 4.0e with hbc, preloader and neogamma,
    basicaly i wanted to get a Drivekey but after reading a lot about it i seem to changed my mind, i want a wasabi dx runing as wasabi zero
    the question is since D2e is supposed to be epoxy does it mean that i can't use the clip before removing the epoxy or is the epoxy only around the chip and not the clip/soleder points next to it?
    i'm guessing i'll buy the wasabi dx w/ clip, if i can connect it like a zero great if i can't it's still working as an dx but i really want the 6x speed and gc audio fix and update blocker but update blocker is via preloader so it's not to important


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