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Thread: Problems with some games with chip detection route lines on main. dol

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    Question Problems with some games with chip detection route lines on main. dol


    i have been a Hard-Modded Wii user for the past six months and i had some problems with some games, but nothing very difficult to fix. But know i am having some troubles with the newest games link Punch-Out!!.

    If found lots of threads about homebrew channel, Ios patcher, WAd Manager and tuff like that but i dont get a satisfactory answer to my doubts. I found, with the isotype, that the problem comes from a chip detection route line on main.dol. And i found the only way to get this out is converting the games to trucha signed games.

    How can i fix this? I have a recently updated Wii to versión 3.4 Should i install HomeBrew channel? Is there any link with the DVD installation, cause in my country is very difficult to get a Twilight original copy.

    Please, i need help, but dont know where to start. Thank you very much

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    Since you have a hard mod i am assuming mod chip. You can download twilight princess then do the hack, just make sure it is from whatever region you are from and select the correct file.

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    r u still getting probs to lauch these game after installing hbc?

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