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Thread: I Just Want to Play Video DVDs!!

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    Red face I Just Want to Play Video DVDs!!

    I have read all night and day.
    I usually dont need to be spoonfed.
    But I need help here.
    All I want to do currently is be able to play DVDs.
    My wii is unmodded. and at Ver. 3.1U.
    It is not currently connected to router.
    What do I do?

    Help please!!


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    If it's unmodded, the first thing your gonna need to do is mod it. Look in the tutorial section for information about soft modding your Wii.
    Youre gonna need the Homebrew channel to achieve your goal.

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    Yeah, kinda figured I needed to mod it.
    Have went through the tutorial section.
    Just not sure which mods I need.

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    HBC, DVDX, and mPlayer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ossot View Post
    HBC, DVDX, and mPlayer.
    mPlayer or MPlayerWii?

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