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Thread: help deleted homebrew channel

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    Angry help deleted homebrew channel

    need help please i accidentally deleted my sd card with every thing on it including homebrew channel is there any way of putting it back on without twighlight hack any help please

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    Did you move the homebrew channel onto the sd card instead of leaving it on the menu???

    What is your system menu version?

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    homebrew deleted

    i wiped everything as i couldnt get homebrew channel to work so i wiped sd card to start over but after i did that i realised the sd card was broken and just needed to copy contents to another sd card

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    If you did truly delete the homebrew channel from your Wii system and not just the apps on your card then you could always try Bannerbomb here

    But for goodness sake read up first on what's involved and whether it's compatible with your System version.


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