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Thread: Bought a Wii, need help.

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    Bought a Wii, need help.

    Hello people!
    I bought my new Wii today (modded one). I would like to know if I could update it over internet or not? If yes then how? I've heard that new games need the firmware to be updated regularly. What about that?
    I don't want to brick my Wii. So please help me.
    And are there any cool applications,mods or hacks for Wii?

    Thank You!

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    If you are unsure of the Wiis history and what is installed on there and whether it's hard or soft modded then I wouldn't rush headlong into updating right away.

    What is your current system menu level?

    There are many cool homebrew hacks, mods and applications for the Wii for you to have fun with.

    I would recommend taking some time, read a few pages and tutorials and find out where you are in relation to everyone else and be careful, too many jump in too fast.

    If after all that you really feel the need to update to the latest 4.0 system would recommend updating with this tutorial But only if you really feel you need to.

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    as above, but also if you are not interested in homebrew, you can update the wii over the internet, you going into system settings and I think its on the 3rd page, "wii system update"

    depending on your net connection will depend on how long it takes.

    but please post some details etc, so you can be better informed on what to do.

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    I am not interested in Homebrew apps and stuff. Just want to play pirated games and don't want to loose my backup and homebrew channels. That's all. Can I update directly over net?
    And yeah my connectiojn is 16Mbps.


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