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Thread: Please Help!!!

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    Please Help!!!

    I haven't burnt a game for a while and i forgot how to

    i know i used wii brick blocker and backup creator

    to play my games i use backup launcher 0.3 gamma

    I'm trying to burn mario power tennis (new controls) and I tried to convert the .iso file with backup creator and then i patched it with the brick blocker...i used a gigaware dvd+r (and it has worked before with that kind of cd)

    i just need to know if that's right lol


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    Most people advise using DVD-R's, as DVD+R's are known to be unreliable with compatibility.

    But yes, you have the ISO file, you burn it to a DVD-R/DVD+R(I would advise DVD-R, but if + works for you, go ahead), then you insert it into your softmodded/modded wii, and boot it up after you use your safety procedures.

    (nothing has changed the universe since the last time you burned a game :O)

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    hi there im new to all of this, i told my friend to softmod my wii for me and now hes gone on holiday and i dont know what to bcuz i downloaded Indian Jones game the new one for wii and it jus comes up with a green screen. I have backup launcher 0.3 gamma and the home brew channel. what to i do plz help

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