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Thread: Replacing USB loader

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    Replacing USB loader


    I am currently using SDUSB-Loader_v1.5 as my loader. I have it listed on my Wii menu. I would like to use the USB Loader GX instead. I installed everything use this guide

    How to Store/Load Wii Games via USB Hard Drive on System Menu 4.0 [Slick Tricks Part 2]

    What do I need to do to replace my current USB Loader with the USBLoader GX USB Loader GX -

    Any help would be great.

    Thank you

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    Put it into your apps fldr and you should be able to access it from HBC.

    Or alternatively you could just install the channel through the wad manager....I tend to do both with most of my things.
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    I still have 1.5 in my HBC. I loaded USB Loader GX as a channel and in HBC (update from HBC is now v507). I use it as a channel all the time, its got a great front end, love the covers. My daughter just goes to the channel and selects a game, shedoes know or care that it comes off the HDD. best loader for me.

    Happy hacking

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    Completely agree that that loader is by far the nicest looking....has a tonne of easy to use options/fixes that can be saved individually too which is nice.


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