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Thread: USB / SD Loader in Menu

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    USB / SD Loader in Menu

    I have USB / SD Loader in my Homebrew but is it possible to get / save this shortcut in Wii Menu so I don't have to open HomeBrew to load games from USB hard drive?

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    Look for a "wad" of whatever loader you use, or find a forwarder.

    The difference being a wad of the loader is the actual program installed as a channel. A forwarder will load whatever is in a certain folder on your sdcard. It takes up less memory on your Wii and when new versions come out of your loader it's much easier than finding a new wad every time.

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    I agree with Ossot, the forwarder is a good idea. The USB Loader GX site has all the files and info how to do it.

    News ?(USB Loader GX)?



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