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Thread: Help With Bricked Wii. I have NAND Backup.

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    Question Help With Bricked Wii. I have NAND Backup.

    Hi Everyone,
    I was softmodding my Wii and ran into a problem. I was downgrading to 3.2 System Menu and (Stupidly) skipped a step and went ahead and downgraded with + then - (Dangerous!) I think what happened was that I skipped copying the file that was nescassary to install this version of the system menu. I rebooted my Wii and the Green light comes on, disks spin up but nothing comes on the screen, it says no signal. I think I may have deleted my system menu or something? Prior to doing this I thought I had installed BootMii as boot2, because I made a backup of my NAND and saved it to my computer from the SD card. The problem is that the Wii wont even boot to BootMii now even with the SD card in so I cant restore a backup from my NAND. Does anyone have any suggestions for me to fix this? I have tried to use the Gamecube controller fix but it wont work, still no signal on my TV when I boot up my Wii. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Aside from buying a new Wii is there ANYTHING I can do here? Again I DO have a NAND backup. Thanks Guys!

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    Maybe you installed bootmii as an IOS? Perhaps you have one of those Wiis that presently are not supported by boot2 installs?

    If you had installed as boot2 you should have had an SD card wiped by the installer and it would have created a bootmii folder with armboot.bin, ppcboot.elf and bootmii.ini files. It is the presence of these files that bootmii looks for when you boot the Wii, if they are present it will load the special bootmii screen at that time.

    If you installed as IOS you don't get the boot functionality.

    With just the NAND I'm not sure what your options are.

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    If it is in boot2, hold reset when you power on. If you had bootmii set to boot system menu by default, that will bypass and boot it staight to bootmii.


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