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Thread: Homebrew and new Wii's

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    Homebrew and new Wii's

    Hello all,

    I'm new to the forum (just joined today)....I am looking into getting my first Nintendo Wii. I've known about Homebrew for a while and have watched a few videos on doing it. My friend who owns a Wii system with Homebrew on it says I should avoid buying one the brand new Wii's with a serial number of LU64 or higher because they have had problems with the whole Homebrew process. IS that still the case? Should I be looking on ebay or trying to buy an older system from someone? If so where is a good place to look? Thanks

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    No Problems that I'm aware of at all. I just put Homebrew on my new WII that is 2 weeks old and my Friends WII that is 3 days old with no problems at all. I used the Hackmii installer that uses the bannerbomb hack. I'm in canada by the way.

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    I've heard there is an issue with Bootmii being installed as Boot2...i've been told that's some kind of backup utility. Heard of it?

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