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Thread: Anybody else had this...?

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    Question Anybody else had this...?

    I've just downloaded indiana jones and when i came to unpack it to access the iso file i just got a list of files named pal.r00 - pal.r29 all of which have an iso file when i open them?

    Anybody any ideas as to which one(if any) are correct to burn when opened?


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    those are .rar files you need winrar to extract them.if you already have winrar right click the first .rar file and click extract here .once it is extracted burn the iso.

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    Thanks, but this is like my 15th game so far, you normally get an obvious iso folder when you unpack it, and this wasnt so obvious, i just wondered if anybody else had experienced this.

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    this is a "scene" release packed in a multiple .rar archive just right click the one labelled 00r o 01r and click extract here and it will extract the archives and give you the .iso

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    Cheers Cliffey501


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