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Thread: cIOS37 installer error -1017.

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    Question cIOS37 installer error -1017.

    i have a backup for rock band 2 and my rock band 1 drums dont work on it. So i went on a quest to fix this problem, and...well i'm stuck. I have read about installing the cIOS37 thing, but when i try to , i get this error: -1017

    thx for your help

    btw, i have a 4.0 menu system, could this be the problem???

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    Try the cios37 from dogeggs repository.


    Just install with wad manager. You may get the same error, i'm not 100% on the quirks of 4.0. But worst case scenario is you get... a -1017 error again

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    well that did work, but , my drums are still not working, and they are usb, but all my other instruments work...does anyone have any clue what i should do now??

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    can you tell me where you got the cIOS37 installer because i have the same problem except with a 3.2u wii. i can check if it is just the system menu that is giving you the error

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    I have a 3.2U and have the identical issue...

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    Also have a 3.2U with the -1017 and -1 errors

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    Deleted IOS249 and used Wad Manager 1.3 - nothing.

    Got Wad Manager 1.4 and used IOS250. works fine now.

    hope this helps someone.


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