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Thread: Loading Backups over a Network?

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    Loading Backups over a Network?

    We have a backup loader, gecko OS, and a USB loader, as well as a way to run FTP on the Wii itself...

    Is there any way to load/run .ISO's over your home network?

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    I'm interested to know the answer to this one as well. I've got two Wii in the house and if both of them could use the HD over WiFi that would be awesome.

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    Please answer this! I need to know this also! ^_^

    P.S.... BUMP!

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    Well there are challenges to that. Have you ever tried to play a dvd over the network? I doesn't usually work every well, depending on the movie. And the movie is linear- start to finish you can buffer it to make up for the bandwidth issue, a game reads all over the iso, you can't buffer that. I don't think it can be done at the moment, but I could be wrong.
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    Just soft modded my wii, and I am interested in this as well.

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    No console as of yet has been able to load it's games through an FTP network. The closest was PS2 which would send the games over from a networked pc to the HDD so they could be loaded in HDloader.

    This type of feat would be incredibly difficult on an ethernet based network let alone the standard WiFi approach the Wii uses.

    So no, unless you develope an emulator program that is better than Dolphin for a pc that can decode the games and send that data streaming to a program that isn't yet and not soon to be developed program on the Wii, you will not be able to stream running games through a network.

    Just shell out $50 for a small HDD and encloser to run Gx Loader on your Wii.

    If the whole reason for you doing this is because your computer isn't closer to your Wii and you hate disconnecting the harddrive to go to your computer and load up new games on it, look into getting a NAS (Network Accessible Storage device). They are reasonably priced on Ebay however I don't know if they are compatible with the Wii and that would probably prove to be a bigger headache in having to remove the HDD and replace the encloser after sending your games through the network.

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    i know this thread is kinda old, but I am looking for a solution to this as well.
    what about having the HDD permanently hooked up to the Wii and then somehow transfering files to it over network from a pc?
    i assume there is homebrew to allow this? I suppose you would load up some kind of homebrew on the Wii, then go to the pc and send the files to the HDD attached to the Wii, then when it is done, load up a loader homebrew on the wii and then play the games or other media?
    someone please tell me if this is possible and how to do the first part (the transfering files over network from the pc to the hdd attached to the wii).

    also, something I don't understand about previous answers on this post:
    why would it be so difficult to play games over network? it seems possible at least in theory. i forget what kind of wifi the wii uses, but if it used 802.11n it would have a theoretical transfer rate of 67.5MBps. This is greater than USB 2.0, which is 60MBps. now we all know that the actual wifi transfer rate would be much lower, but perhaps still fast enough if there was little obstruction of signal.
    to push this further, there are usb ethernet adapters for the wii and you could hardwire it into your network. if you pc or network shared hdd was also hardwired to the network, then if anything, the usb transfer rates would likely be the limiting factor given the massive throughput with ethernet.

    you mention needing a pc emulator to decode and stream the data, but this is not necessary at all. all you need is the raw data to reach the wii quickly enough, and let the wii decode the games as usual. this is entirely a transfer rate issue and has nothing to do with anything else you are talking about. I used to play LAN games with a friend and a few times we tried running games on one pc from game files installed on the other pc. it worked like a charm for games beefier than any wii game. we even tried playing the same game from the same one set of game files on both PCs at once and it worked (to be clear, the game was installed on only one pc and both computers could access those files simultaneously and both effectively play the game against each other, since no data was being written to the main game folder by either machine). this of course did not work for all games and we did it just for test purposes since it worked a lot better if we actually just installed on both systems, but it did work. this would also work for running a game on one pc from the optical drive (or virtual drive) of another pc. what is interesting is that pc games can often run without any install of any kind.

    anyway, based on this i really don't see why a wii wouldn't be able to run an ISO over ethernet that is stored on another network device, especially since the wii never needs to install any game files in any way and always runs them on the fly.

    can anyone who knows more about this stuff comment on this?
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    You could probably use WiiXplorer - WiiBrew to pull wbfs/iso files from a SMB share to your fat32/ntfs HD.
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    The wii uses 802.11b/g not N. As mentioned above Wiixplorer is the best way to go but you can also use an ftp homebrew app. You have to have a fat32 drive to do what you want, you cant make it work with a wbfs partition to copy games to and from. Just remember some of these games are pretty large in size and it does take a long time to copy it this way. I just find it easier to plug the drive right into the computer if i need to copy to and from it. With a 2TB drive thats not very often though WD element external hard drives are pretty cheap and on sale often...

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    Okay I think you guys are talking about 2 different things (or I am missing the point entirely)

    1. Transferring/Copying backups to an HDD and playing as normal from the External device attached to the Wii.

    2. Streaming the Games and playing them on the wii.

    These are totally different.

    1. Yes it should be possible....but why???

    2. Not possible for any gaming console as of right now.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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