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Thread: Playing Copied Wii Games Over Wifi

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    Question Playing Copied Wii Games Over Wifi

    Was just wondering if it is safe to play copied games over the nintendo wifi without the worry of being cut off from the wifi?

    for example i played Virtua Tennis 09 yesterday and was just wondering if there was a way nintendo or other third party companies can tell if it is a copied game and cut my wii's wifi off??

    thanks in advance

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    It's not really possible, and though i've been playing loads of games online since i've softmodded my Wii and I still havn't gotten any problems like, beeing banned etc. So in my opinion, you're safe. And I've heard that the only thing that Nintendo does to stop hacking is coming with new updates to prevent people installing wad's etc (As in Backuplauncher, HBC etc. etc.). So don't worry.
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    There were some reports of people being banned from Mario Kart online because they were using Ocarina cheats. I don't know how true it is, but I wouldnt worry too much because apparently the affected people were supposedly cheating against Nintendo staff who then banned them.

    All in all though the chance of you being banned from WiFi play is slim to none.

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