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Thread: after HJ split what do I do?

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    after HJ split what do I do?

    I have a Wiikey and have downloaded Resident Evil and Mario Party 8. Once the downloads were completed – I took the ‘filename.001’ file and ran it through HJSplit to recombine the file. Once it was done I got the full 4 gig file, but it has no filename extension. I have tried to manually change the filename extension to .iso, .zip, .rar, etc and nothing seems to make sense of it.
    Can someone please tell me what I need to do to the file to get it to the next stage? Ultimately I just want to get it to an .iso so I can but with Imgburn but cannot seem to get past this step.
    Many thanks in advance

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    Did you DOWNLOAD these games? If so they should have been in an ISO format, which you could have just burned. Kind of confused as to what exactly you did here.
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    Hi sziklassy

    Thanks for offering to help.
    I take Resident_Evil_4_Wii_Edition_EUR_Wii-CHRONiC
    For example, once I download the file, there are a number of files – all named
    c-re4we.001 through c-re4we.090 and a c-re4we.sfv file. There are no .iso files sadly (or at least none that I can see). I took Hjsplit and reassembled the c-re4we.001 through 90 files and it leaves me with a c-rewe file with no extension. It doesn’t appear to be a .iso file or a .rar.
    The same issue happens when I download Mario_Party_8_PAL_MULTI_Wii-CHRONiC.
    Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong?

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    Yes. You need to download a program called winrar. The files you are seeing ar .rar files (i know you may not be able to see the extension, but trust me that is what it is) and they are made into multiple files to prevent corruption when downloading. This way if a part of a file is crrupt you only have to download that 40 some meg file again rather than an entire 4.5gb .rar Anyhow, get winrar, install it, and just get the first of the files (usually wil be .001) and right click it > extract to... pick where you want it extracted, and it will produce an iso. From there you can burn it with any program that supports iso burning.
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    When you reassembleed the files i THINK what you are doing is making a single .rar I am not sure if this can be done with programs not made for .rar files, I am not familiar with the HJSplit program you mentioned. Anyway, winrar should fix your issues.
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    Many thans for this - you are right, WinRAR is the correct program - you just have to force it to open the *.001 extension. Thanks again.

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    Anytime... enjoy your games, both Mario Party 8 and Resident Evil 4 are awesome titles.
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