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Thread: Backup App/Program where download? Wad Region Changer?

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    Exclamation Backup App/Program where download? Wad Region Changer?

    I've got my wii HBC from 4.0u went to 2.3u not sure if that matters. I've been able to install wads no problem except for pal wads. I'm guessing there is something to change the region on them? Any help with that would be great cause I have a ton of wads that I can't even use.

    So I've downloaded backup games / ISO that I want to play but I don't know where to get the backup app. Or how to install it. Anyone have a idiot proof guide and download link?

    So my main 2 questions:

    1. How do I change the region on wads? (Program / app / download link?)

    2. Where do I get a backup app or program to play the ISOs? (Program / app / download link?)

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide

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    Well I figured out #2 but still no idea about #1


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