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Thread: Installed HBC but nothing happens

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    Installed HBC but nothing happens

    I have system menu 4.0E so i followed this guide

    But when i try to run HBC i just get a picture with bubbles and a icon in the lower right corner is blinking once it stops blinking nothing else happens.

    What now is this all i get im new to HBC only had my wii for a couple of days, what am i doing wrong

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    Homebrew Channel will load applications that you have loaded onto your SD card, if it finds nothing to load or no SD card it will show this screen.

    I suggest finding some applications that you want to run such as Emulators, Media Players, Backuploaders etc.

    This might be a good place to find something. Wiibrew

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    ok create a folder called "apps" without the quote and put applications in it and i agree with tealc look at


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