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Thread: Sports Active Wants to UPDATE!!!!!!!

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    Sports Active Wants to UPDATE!!!!!!!


    Thanks in advance for any help/hind.

    I have a Wii modded with wii2key. I have burned SPORTS ACTIVE but when inserted, it asks me UPDATE MY SYSTEM.

    What is this asking for?
    Should I do it?
    If so, will my other games work.

    Thanks for reading my post.


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    It's probably an update for a feature.
    Look for updates of the chip you have, if there are updates, run them before you update your system.

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    It's normally safe to update from disc as long as your Wiikey2 is configured to block any out of region updates. This update might be just a simple version update to a Wii driver that makes use of some feature of Sports Active.

    You will need to update before you can play this game.

    However do be aware that there's always a risk when updating with backups when you are not 100% sure where they originated from.


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