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Thread: Searched and Searched, But Still Need Answers: WADS!

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    Searched and Searched, But Still Need Answers: WADS!

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to the Wii Hacking Community and (I SWEAR I have searched for hours) I have some questions.

    1. Pertaining to the WAD Loader 1.4: What's it matter if I install a WAD to IOS35 or IOS249 or whatever? I used a guide to install a WAD and it made it painfully obvious that I should install the WAD to IOS35 and nothing else. Is there a difference?

    2. How many IOS's do I need installed for maximum compatibility of backups? Are there any specific IOS's or cIOS's that I should have installed?

    3. Lastly, I have a problem with two backups. Whenever I play them (I use USB Loader GX)... well, it's hard to explain. There is picture it seem to shift upward... continuously; looping again and again. The video is being sucked into the top of the screen and it doesn't stop. If I change the video settings (PAL,NTSC,autopatch) the game doesn't even load and crashes the Wii. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

    Thank you!

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    1) Different games want different IOS's. Think of them as little programs. Some games want certain programs on your wii to load. The backup launchers all force your games to use 249 though. That's why whatever guide you used stressed what you were doing was not installing as 249. As that's like glue that holds the backup world together.

    2) The rev12 or rev13/b should cover you just fine. But some stuff, like wiiware, will not just want, but demand other stuff installed too. Which, if I recall correctly is 37, 53, and 55.

    3) You should just need to force NTSC/Pal, whatever region you're in. If that doesnt seem to do it you can try using RegionFrii or one of the other countless programs to patch the iso then try forcing again.

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    Okay! I think I'm starting to understand now.

    So the IOS's are little programs made by Nintendo for various things like channels and game support.

    There are cIOS's out there which are just custom IOS's. There can only be one cIOS used at a time, and it is assigned to the IOS249 slot; which USB loader programs use. I'll probably have to update that manually, unliked my USB Loader GX program.

    Am I doing well so far?

    I only have one question now:

    When I installed the USB Loader GX Forwarder for the first time, I had to use the WAD Manager 1.4 application to install it as channel. However, it asked me what IOS# I wanted to install it in. Does that mean the channel is now IOS35? If I install anything else in IOS35 will the channel be erased? Or was the IOS35 slot only used as a "temporay files" location so that the channel could be transferred to the Wii? I guess I still don't understand the purpose or significance of picking IOS35. Why couldn't it have been IOS36? Sigh.

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    its not asking what slot to install it in - it is asking what ios it should use to do its job, it should default at 249, use this ios if you have it. You only need to use others for the process of getting 249 on your wii, once you have it always use it.

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    Ahh! This is what I was looking for. Thank you!

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    It's probably a good habit to, if your unsure of what to do when installing or deleting stuff from your Wii, when you get to a point and you say "what do I do now", stop right there and find out what you should do, know what you are doing before you do it. READ THIS


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