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Thread: Gamecube Compatibility Question

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    Gamecube Compatibility Question

    Hello. I just soft-modded my wii using the softmii guide. I can now play Gamecube and Wii backups downloaded and burned onto a DvD-R just like they are real games.

    My question is about the compatibility of the Gamecube games (as you probably already know form the title). I know there exists gamecube backup loader/regionfrii compatibility lists on which games don't fully work.

    Does the same compatibility issues apply to burned games on DVD=R played on a soft modded wii? Or do they work perfect like a normal Gamecube game works?

    Thank you in advance to anyone who helps

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    it will let u play gamecube backups threw gamma or watev u use u dont need 2 use a special loader ( well not usually hte only time iv had 2 use a gamecube backup loader was 4 lugi's mansion and super mario sunshine) S

    This time i made sure....

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    There is a compadibility chart and its not even close to being as good as the backup launcher gamma. Gamma's is 99% while the gamecube backup launcher is like 70%. Just make sure you get the newest release possible. I have the Xi (think thats what its called) and I think thats the newest. Once installed, and installed properly, you can play your gamecube backups through the backup launcher gamma and it will automatically open up the gamecube launcher.

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    Well actually I am not using any program or loader. The games run as if they are the real CDs through the gaming channel, no program needed...

    So if Im not mistaken, its not the 70% compatibility program, nor the 99%... am I right? If so, then is the compatibility 100%? (or am I just getting my hopes up?)

    Oh and right now I played zelda windwaker and it plays perfect (so far)

    Thanks for your help

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    GC compatibility is excellent

    ALL your GC games should all play thru the disc channel

    during installation of Softmii you will have installed a 'pack' known as cIOScorp

    You do not need any additional launcher programmes IF you're gonna burn your backups and run them off a disc.

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    Xi is not the latest gamecube backup launcher, its version is 0.1. gamecube backup launcher 0.2 is the latest

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    Yes Isaac, thats exactly what I did and thats exactly how they run. My question still stands though: Are gamecube games 100% compatible when I run it this way, or is there a certain percentage or chart I need to be aware of?

    And thanks to everyone who has helped (I cant help but say this every post)

    EDIT: Oh there is literally a "thanks" button. Now I can conveniently thank people with a click of a button
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    Hey I just checked, and pressing the up-pad causes my Windwaker to freeze in dungeons. which is the issue listed in all the different compatibility list I saw... so looks like I do need a compatibility list to know my limitations. Anyone have any idea which one is the one I need? (see previous posts for description my of hack method)...
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    cant find one


    cant find a 'compatibility list' specific for gamecube thru Softmii, only the backup launcher list you've probably seen here:

    Gamecube Backup Launcher Compatibility List - WikiTemp

    Suppose you could use this as a guide - safe in the knowledge that you have the best compatibility possible at the moment

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    Thanks Isaac. I have cmiocorps (if thats what its called) v 0.3. Is that the latest or do I need to update?


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