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Thread: Looking to softmod my wii, so many ways to do it, confused which one is best?

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    Looking to softmod my wii, so many ways to do it, confused which one is best?

    Hey Guys,

    With the many ways out there to softmod the wii, it get's very confusing which one to choose. I got my wii when it was first available, I have not been online for over a year now, so my firmware is quite outdated.

    I would like to run backups from my 500GB external USB 2.0 7200 rpm HDD.

    My HDD at the moment is connected to my PC and it's fat32, I currently have 1 partition with a load of movies, pictures and audio files which I use XBMC with. Is it possible to make another partition on this drive and format that to work with the wii, instead of deleting the whole drive?

    Then can I add wii backups directly to the partition as well as virtual console games?

    Is it possible to do the softmod with a 512MB usb thumbstick? I ask this as I don't have a SD card.

    By doing the softmod is it reversible, for instance if I have a problem with my wii and need to send it to nintendo, can I completely remove the mod and get the wii back to it's original factory settings before I send it in to Nintendo?

    Once I have done the softmod then every time I want to load a backup from the HDD do I have to go into the usb loader or can I just click on the game in the wii menu?

    Is it also possible to play the wii backups online?

    With the softmod installed is it also possible to play the wii original discs online or will Nintendo know you have a hacked wii?

    Sorry for all the questions, it's just I am really lost

    I hope you can please answer them

    Many thanks in advance

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    1) Yes, you could resize your current partition then create a new blank one for WBFS (file system)

    2) 512mb is more than enough.

    3) I'm not entirely sure on that. But i'm gonna guess your warranty is probably expired anyway. Which means you'll be spending nearly as much to get it fixt as just buying a new one from ebay.

    4) There are very nifty back up loaders, youtube 'cover flow' for one example. You can create channels for your games to just click and start.

    5) Yep, backups will work a-ok online

    6) Nintendo wont know, however, you want to turn off WiiConnect24. They can push updates to your Wii that you wont want.

    And lastly, as for what way is best. It all depends on what version of system menu you're running as well as possibly even what serial number you have. Go into wii system settings and you can see at the top right what version you have. (3.1, 3.3..etc). Then find yourself a guide. I'd recommend a stickied guide on one of the bigger sites (here, gbatemp, etc) so you know it's trust worthy. Also the popular guides are nice incase you run into an error you can read through the thread and probably find someone else who did, as well as what they did to fix it.

    edit: Also, just saw the first bit about your firmware being oudated. That's actually a good thing. The newer 4.0 causes much more problems then old stuff. I personally run 3.1u and couldn't be happier. It took me all of 30 minutes to get my system up and running playing back ups.
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    please delete this post mods
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    Hi Ossot,

    Many thanks for taking time to answer all my questions, I am really very appreciative, you have given me lot's of useful information

    I just want to check this, so your saying I can use my 512MB usb thumbdrive instead of a SD card to install dvdx, usbloader, etc etc?

    and I will definitely not lose my data that is currently on my 500GB drive, I can just add an extra partition and format for wbfs and I am good to go?

    I already own metroid prime 3 corruption, but I am on a Euro PAL wii, and I want to download a US backup of metroid prime corruption, will the NTSC backup work on a PAL wii? can the game iso just be added to the hdd or would it be needed to be patched first?

    I am really no good at following write ups, so I was browsing youtube and found these two awesome videos, one of them show how to get backups running and the other how to launch them from a HDD. They seem so easy to follow that I plan on doing them, is there any chance you could watch them and determine if they are for real or not. The comments seem to suggest that it's real?

    Many thanks in advance

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    I wasn't aware that you could hack with a USB thumbdrive, I always thought it had to be SD card.

    SD cards are so cheap these days, you may even have one in your mobile phone that you could get an adaptor for and use that. A 2GB Micro SD card with adaptor costs about 3GBP, a 4GB one costs only a little more.

    Some partition programs will allow you to retain your existing partition's data.

    I haven't seen the first video before so can't comment but for an older system like yours the Twilight Princess hack might be the easiest while the newer hacks are being developed. The second video doesn't seem to work but the title is describing a hack that many of us on here use every day and is easy (ish) to set up.

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    Many thanks for your reply

    I kind of like the idea of doing the softmod with a usb thumbdrive, if it's possible then it helps others from not having to get an sd card.

    Can you tell me, even if you did the softmod on an sd card, once you done the mod then can you take out the sd card and never use it again, will you be able to access the homebrew channel without the sd card and also use the usb loader without the sd card?

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    Ahh. it was late, i over looked that detail. AFAIK you cannot use a thumbdrive. You need to use an sdcard.

    It depends on how you're loading games on whether you need a card in. If you're using USB loaders you're going to want to keep your card in the Wii. They load their settings as well as album art off the sdcard. If you're going to be booting strictly from hard-copy backups then you could do w/o a card in your Wii just fine.

    I'm not sure where you're from, but even 2gig sdcards are only $10us. Sucks spending money. But gotta look at it as an investment for how much you'll save from playing all your "back ups."

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    Many thanks for your reply Ossot,

    Well I won't be saving anything as I will continue to buy wii games, I just like the idea that I can download a copy of a game that I already own which is perfectly legal and have them all playing off a HDD which saves me having to put the disc in every time I want to play. It's nice just to have a library of my wii games on the HDD. So as I am already spending money on the games, I just had hoped I didn't need to spend anymore money on a SD card, so it would help if I could know if I can do the soft mod with a usb thumbdrive.

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    You'll need to purchase or acquire a SD card to softmod, it's required to get save data onto your Wii which allows the homebrew code to be run. After this you'll still need an SD card to store homebrew applications ready for running or installation to your Wii.

    The best thing is that you'll only need to purchase one SD card as it can be used for years to come. Best to give up on the USB thumb drive idea, unless you wish to code a hack yourself that could do it.

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    Since this thread is already up and running, i also have a couple of questions about SoftModing my Wii so here it goes:

    1) I have searched everywhere for a proper way to SoftMod my Wii and each time i came up with something, it either requires me to pay cash money for some kind of "Package" or it needs Twilight Princess, a game which i don't have nor do i plan to buy anytime soon, my question is this: What is the best suitable guide that would allow me to play burned copies of Wii games without the use of a ModChip?

    2) My Wii is from Europe, so that means its PAL region, will the SfotMod work on it regardless of the Region?

    Thank you all for the time and effort in answering my questions.

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